21th Annual Conference of Operators and Users of Satellite Communication and Broadcasting Network in Russia

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Development of satellite communications in Russia and their prospects in Industry 4.0 and IoT

October 6, 2016, Hotel InterContinental Moscow - Tverskaya (22 Tverskaya St.)


Plenary session. The current status of Russian satellite infrastructure, and prospects for development in the context of the new economic environment.

  • Localization: Moving towards reasonable protectionism or self-isolation? Is international cooperation possible today in building and using new satellite communication and broadcasting systems?
  • Is there room today for private initiative in Russia’s civilian space activities, and what can investors expect?
Moderators: Y.V. Prokhorov (RSCC), S.A. Malyanov (Advisor to IT Institute of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”)

Igor Chursin, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency of Communications
Maxim Mysev, Director, Department of Infrastructure Projects, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Yuri Prokhorov, Director General, RSCC
Vadim Belov, Director General, Intersputnik
Alexei Belyakov, Vice-President, Executive Director at Space & Telecommunications Technologies Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation
Alexander Podchufarov, Vice President, Ingosstrakh
Yuri Vygonskiy, Deputy General Designer for Spacecraft’s Design and Control, Academician M.F. Reshetnev “Information Satellite Systems”
Igor Frolov, Chief designer of automatic space systems and complexes, RSC Energia
George Pautov, Deputy Director General, ARD Satcom Service
Alexander Rogovoy, Director General, RTComm.RU
Inessa Glazkova, Executive Director, Nebo Global Communications
Andrey Shestakov, Director General, Energia-Telecom
Virtor Doniants, Director General, Zond-Holding


Coffee break


Session 2. Industrial Internet. Is the domestic satellite communications industry ready to a new economic reality?

  • What is Internet of Things all about? A passing fad or a new economic reality? What was there before the IoT?
  • Where is the place of satellite communications in the IoT industry?
  • What is the weight of an IoT solution in relation to a satellite capacity bandwidth? What is the role and place of a second-tier operator in the new economy, where is the market for our services?
  • RSCC projects: is it consumer-oriented or industrial Internet?
Moderators: K.Yu. Drozdova (RSCC), A.V. Kirillovich (RSCC).

Nikolai Orlov, Regional Vice President, Eutelsat S.A.
Vladimir Terekhov, Head of Airbus Defence and Space in Russia
Ashot Bakunts, Regional Director in Russia, Thales Alenia Space
Konstantin Lanin, Regional Director, Hughes Network Systems
Nikita Demidenko, Sales Director for Russia and CIS, VT iDirect
Mark Holmes, Editorial Director, Aerospace (Via satellite and Avionics Magazines)
Vitaly Nedelsky, President, National Association of Industrial Internet Marketing
Alexey Trachuk, Deputy Director, Center for Strategic Innovation, Rostelecom
Maksim Zharenov, Telecom projects manager at Space and Telecommunications Technologies Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation




Session 3. Creating a seamless telecommunication environment

  • Putting together a service package. Services as the basis of global telecom economics.
  • Where is the dividing line drawn between the system and the user? What is the end-user for satellite communications?
  • The space of media consumption choices. Communications on trains, ships, and airplanes.
  • New RSCC projects for various sectors of the economy.
Moderators: E.V. Buidinov (RSCC), S.N. Plotnikov (RSCC)

Yana Belskaya, Editor in Chief, Cabelman
Inessa Glazkova, Executive Director, Nebo Global Communications
Igor Iliinchik, Deputy Director General, Amtel svyaz
Oleg Morozov, Director of communications department, Construction office “Iskra”
Sergey Pekhterev, General Director, Moscovsky teleport
Sergey Ratiyev, Commercial Director, RTComm.RU
Natalia Romanova, Regional Director, Irdeto
Olga Trubacheva, CEO and general producer, World Business Channel
Julia Shahmanova, CEO, STV
Kirill Yanchenko, General Director, Eutelsat Networks

17:30 - 17:45

Conference wrap-up. SATCOMRUS Awards.


Buffet Reception

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