From Molniya to Expresses | SatComRus2015

20th Annual Conference of Operators and Users of Satellite Communication and Broadcasting Network in Russia
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Dear Colleagues,
The Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) is convening the 20th International SATCOMRUS Conference, to be held on October 6, 2015, in Moscow.

In 2015, RSCC has fulfilled its obligations under the Federal Target Program “Development of Digital TV and Radio Broadcasting in the Russian Federation in 2009-2015”, and, under the Federal Space Program for 2009-2015, we are completing our efforts to orbit all Express-series satellites. A state-of-the-art hi-tech space and ground-based infrastructure is now in place to address and resolve the issue of digital inequality across the country.

SATCOMRUS-2015 principal agenda points will include:

Russian satellite communications in the new economic environment; import substitution and international cooperation.
Outcomes of Russia’s Federal Space Program for 2006–2015; presentation of the Federal Target Program, “Development of orbital constellation of communications and broadcasting satellites for civil purposes, including satellites in highly elliptical orbits, to ensure security, and support administration of government and economic development of the Russian Federation in 2017-2025”.
Private involvement in space projects.
Consolidation of efforts by media companies and communications organizations in creating new TV products in response to current needs of the Russian consumer.
Development and mass-market promotion of innovative satellite communications products in complex economic conditions.
Invited to attend the Conference are the domestic and international operators of satellite communications, TV and radio broadcasters, system integrators, makers of communications satellite and telecommunications equipment, representatives of financial institutions and insurance companies, as well analysts from major international agencies.

We hereby invite you to become a partner or attendee of the jubilee 20th SATCOMRUS 2015!

This year’s Conference Partner for the preparatory phase and technical operation is Global Communications Systems.

Best regards,


Director-General Yuri V.Prokhorov





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